Information Technologies for the Preservation of Language Heritage


  • Ludmila Dimitrova Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Ralitsa Dutsova Veliko Tărnovo University & IMI-BAS Master Program, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Rumiana Panova Veliko Tărnovo University & IMI-BAS Master Program, Sofia, Bulgaria



annotation tag, digital dictionary, dictionary entry, information technologies, lexical and relational data bases


In this paper we try to present how information technologies as tools for the creation of digital bilingual dictionaries can help the preservation of natural languages. Natural languages are an outstanding part of human cultural values and for that reason they should be preserved as part of the world cultural heritage. We describe our work on the bilingual lexical database supporting the Bulgarian-Polish Online dictionary. The main software tools for the webpresentation of the dictionary are shortly described. We focus our special attention on the presentation of verbs, the richest from a specific characteristics viewpoint linguistic category in Bulgarian.


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Appendix Table 1. bg_word – Bulgarian headwords Field Comments id Id homonym_index Index of the homonym (if null, no homonym exists) bg_word Bulgarian headword suffix Suffix plural Plural form for a noun is_plural_rare Frequency of usage of the plural form for a noun (null – normal, 0 - often, 1 – rare) conjugation Conjugation form for a verb (2 p., present) conjugation_type Type of conjugation for a verb (1, 2 or 3) has_gender Whether a noun has feminine and neuter gender gender_feminine Feminine gender form for an adjective gender_neuter Neuter gender form for an adjective id_explanation Foreign key to “explanation” id_bg_word Id of the referent Bulgarian word referent_bg_word Referent Bulgarian word Table 2. pl_word – Polish headwords Field Comments id Id id_bg_word_functional_homonym Foreign key to “bg_word functional homonym” pl_word Polish headword sense_index Index of the sense alternative_sense_index Index of the alternative sense latin_translation Latin translation of the word id_explanation Foreign key to “explanation”




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