Digital Representation of Color Stitches in Craft Software


  • Elena Zaharieva-Stoyanova Technical University - Gabrovo, 4 H Dimitar str., 5300 Gabrovo, Bulgaria



Crochet Software, Cross Stitch Pattern Software, Craft Software, CAD Systems, Domestic Handicrafts, Digitalization, Computer-aided Design


This paper studies problems related to the development of craft software. It proposes an approach to developing an application for digital representation of color stitches in cross stitch pattern and crochet software. A database containing information about the most popular embroidery floss brands in Bulgaria has been built. The software module can be used independently for digital representation of a needlework thread catalog and floss conversion or to be embedded for digital representation of color stitches in cross stitch and crochet software. The software is oriented to people manufacturing national Bulgarian costumes and clothing with national Bulgarian embroidery.


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Zaharieva-Stoyanova, E. (2019). Digital Representation of Color Stitches in Craft Software. Digital Presentation and Preservation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage, 9, 225–230.

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