Using Document Store for 3D Virtual Collections


  • Emanuela Mitreva Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”
  • Vladimir Georgiev Institute of Mathematics and Informatics – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences



Document Store, 3D Objects, Virtual Museum, MongoDB


This paper describes the latest improvements to a recently developed online environment for managing virtual collections of 3D objects. As part of that effort we introduced a document-oriented NoSQL layer for storing the data describing the 3D objects and collections, provided by the MongoDB engine. This technology has many advantages for describing the type of data and metadata used in our application, which are also valid for and can be applied to the field of digital libraries in general.


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How to Cite

Mitreva, E., & Georgiev, V. (2015). Using Document Store for 3D Virtual Collections. Digital Presentation and Preservation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage, 5, 331–336.

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