Multimedia Standards


  • Peter L. Stanchev Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria; Kettering University, Flint, USA



Multimedia Standards, MPEG, Scene Description, Interactive TV, Video-Stream Filtering, Audiovisual Media


The aim of this paper is to review some of the standards, connected with multimedia and their metadata. We start with MPEG family. MPEG-21 provides an open framework for multimedia delivery and consumption. MPEG- 7 is a multimedia content description standard. With the Internet grow several format were proposed for media scenes description. Some of them are open standards such as: VRML1, X3D2, SMIL3, SVG4, MPEG-4 BIFS, MPEG-4, XMT, MPEG-4, LaSER, COLLADA5, published by ISO, W3C, etc. Television has become the most important mass medium. Standards such as MHEG, DAVIC, Java TV, MHP, GEM, OCAP and ACAP have been developed. Efficient video-streaming is presented. There exist a large number of standards for representing audiovisual metadata. We cover the Material Exchange Format (MXF), the Digital Picture Exchange (DPX), and the Digital Cinema Package (DCP).


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