Digital Health: A Web-based Repository with Back School Recommendations and Exercises against Paravertebral Pain (with a Comparative Study of the Opinions of Responders of Different Generations)


  • Radoslav R. Yoshinov University of Libraries and Information Technologies, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Borislav R. Yoshinov Medical Faculty of Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Ivet B. Koleva Medical University of Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria



Digital Health, Electronic Repository, Rehabilitation, Back Pain, Paravertebral Pain, Back School, Exercises


Digital Health (DH) is a relatively new concept for our country. The current article is oriented to the application of DH technologies for the prevention of paravertebral pain, by a web-based repository. In the repository, we included Back school recommendations, position techniques, exercises, activities, sports, and clinical cases of our own rehabilitation practice.


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R. Yoshinov, R., R. Yoshinov, B., & B. Koleva, I. (2023). Digital Health: A Web-based Repository with Back School Recommendations and Exercises against Paravertebral Pain (with a Comparative Study of the Opinions of Responders of Different Generations). Digital Presentation and Preservation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage, 13, 251–260.