ORCHIS - Technology in Help of Botanists and Foresters on Both Sides of the Border


  • Radovesta Stewart Non-profit Organization for Conservation One Nature, Burgas, Bulgaria
  • Yanislav Zhelev Burgas Free University, Burgas, Bulgaria
  • Maria Monova-Zheleva Burgas Free University, Burgas, Bulgaria




Digitalization, Biodiversity, Orchids, Distributed Software System, Biodiversity Software


This paper presents the technology developed as a part of the project ORCHIS. It aimed to research, record and digitalize data on the species of orchids that live in Standzha Mountain, which is separated between Bulgaria and Turkey. The collected information is fed to a specialized software installed on mobile devices available to the local foresters and biologists and then presented in a summarized way on a web platform. Both – software and web platform are tools which succeed the easy identification of orchid species as well as base for sustainable research of their population and habitats.


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How to Cite

Stewart, R., Zhelev, Y., & Monova-Zheleva, M. (2018). ORCHIS - Technology in Help of Botanists and Foresters on Both Sides of the Border. Digital Presentation and Preservation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage, 8, 225–232. https://doi.org/10.55630/dipp.2018.8.23

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