Knowledge-based Virtual Reconstruction of Museum Artifacts


  • H. Kadi USTO University, Faculty of Architecture and civil engineering, Oran, Algeria
  • J-P. Perrin MAP-CRAI UMR 694, National School of Architecture, Nancy, France



Heritage Preservation, Digital Reconstruction, Laser Scanning, Data Extraction/Processing


Within the framework of heritage preservation, 3D scanning and modeling for heritage documentation has increased significantly in recent years, mainly due to the evolution of laser and image-based techniques, modeling software, powerful computers and virtual reality. 3D laser acquisition constitutes a real development opportunity for 3D modeling based previously on theoretical data. The representation of the object information rely on the knowledge of its historic and theoretical frame to reconstitute a posteriori its previous states. This project proposes an approach dealing with data extraction based on architectural knowledge and Laser statement informing measurements, the whole leading to 3D reconstruction. The experimented Khmer objects are exposed at Guimet museum in Paris. The purpose of this digital modeling meets the need of exploitable models for simulation projects, prototyping, exhibitions, promoting cultural tourism and particularly for archiving against any likely disaster and as an aided tool for the formulation of virtual museum concept.


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Kadi, H., & Perrin, J.-P. (2013). Knowledge-based Virtual Reconstruction of Museum Artifacts. Digital Presentation and Preservation of Cultural and Scientific Heritage, 3, 53–62.